Winter 2017 features the following

Winter 2017 Issue of Painview

  • The Power of Language: Metaphors to Help Educate Patients in Pain
  • Over-the-Counter Loperamide: Abuse and Misuse on the Rise—What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know
  • Nothing Stops This Champioin for Patients: Casey Cashman found empowerment in diagnosis…and is driven to help others
  • Our Pain Management Neighbors to the North: Canada's Pain BC and Its Model of Education for Practice and Systems Change
  • Social Media for Pain Practitioners: Part 1
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New CPEs

Soad Aboulhosn, PharmD, CPE Yleana Baggenstos PharmD, CPE Stephen Girgis, BPharm, BCGP, CPE Nancy Kemp, BSPharm, CPE Patrick Moore, PharmD, CPE Marjan Sadegh, PharmD, CPE