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Our vision is that every healthcare facility will one day have a Certified Pain Educator (CPE) on staff. This is an important goal considering the current state of pain management in the United States. Twenty years of progress and commitment to the relief of pain is now in question.

The Food and Drug Administration Amendment Act (FDAAA) of 2007 has created unique educational opportunities for the pain community. The FDA must now assure safe use of the medications it approves, expanding its previous role of overseeing medication's intrinsic efficacy and safety. This will be accomplished in part through Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) programs. Whatever a medication's REMS turn out to be, practitioners and patient education will be mandated, and will be central to the process.

In the May 4 and May 28k, 2009, FDA meetings on REMS, the American Society of Pain Educators (ASPE) was noted to be a leader in pain education. On May 4, one noted pain expert said that the ASPE was the "first and last word in pain education." Unlike other pain organizations, we uniquely address the educational needs of the healthcare professionals and lay people. The ASPE prepares healthcare professionals to become pain educators and has a career-building process culminating with the awarding of the Certified Pain Educator (CPE) credential.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider becoming a Certified Pain Educator:

  • Recognition as a leader in the field of pain education
  • Identification as the "go to" person in your practice or facility for up-to-date information about pain and its management
  • Communicate more effectively with patients and their caregivers
  • Connection to a growing community of the like minded people committed to improving pain management
  • Change clinical outcomes through ongoing education
  • Improve treatment adherence and compliance through more effective patient education
  • Prepare healthcare professionals to meet the challenges they currently face
  • Receive Painview, the ASPE's quarterly newsletter including many articles with teaching tips
  • Obtain a substantial discount for PAINWeek and attend the Pain Educators Forum (PEF) held during the meeting

Differentiate yourself from other pain professionals—there is only one ASPE, and it is recognized as the "first and last word" in pain education. We are serious and single-minded about changing the world of clinical pain management. Become a Certified Pain Educator and an enhanced resource to your practice environment.

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