Don't Miss the 2016 Pain Educators Forum!

The American Society of Pain Educators (ASPE) will hold its next Pain Educators Forum during the PAINWeek® 2016 National Conference (September 6-10, in Las Vegas).

What is the Pain Educators Forum?

ASPE's Pain Educators Forum (PEF) is a live conference offering multiple courses for frontline pain practitioners. Sessions cover best practices in pain management as well as ways to effectively teach, transfer, and communicate what’s been learned to other healthcare professionals and patients, families, and caregivers. Typically, a PEF provides between 10 and 30 hours of course content certified for CME, CE, and CPE credit.

We are aware that there is a scarcity of healthcare professionals who are able to adequately teach pain management. We also know that most patients are receiving small amounts of pain education along the way, but a coherent plan is rarely provided to them. With diabetes, there have been diabetic educators for the last 20-25 years and there are now over 20,000 diabetic educators in the US. It is time for us to begin to differentiate ourselves as pain professionals, as primary care providers who are doing the majority of pain management in the US, to become pain educators, and that means learning something new, demonstrating competency and mastery of a content area, and becoming a certified pain educator (CPE).

Once you are a CPE, you will need to effectively communicate this information to both practitioners and patients alike because our goal is to have at least one CPE in every joint commission facility within the next five years. A heady task—but it is important to acknowledge that pain is the #1 reason people seek healthcare. There are things that need to happen along with the management of pain that involve educating the patient, the family members, and the healthcare professionals that care for the patient.

Toward that end, the American Society of Pain Educators’ 11th Pain Educators Forum features 10 courses, presented by key opinion leaders in pain management from several clinical disciplines, selected to enhance competency and to facilitate your becoming a CPE. Together we can differentiate ourselves as pain professionals and change the face of pain management in the US.

We hope to see you at the Pain Educator Forum at PAINWeek 2016!

Teach at the Pain Educators Forum!

If you are interested in presenting a course in pain-related education or adult learning, please submit the following items to [email protected] for review and consideration:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Learning Objectives (minimum of 3)
  • Indicate your previous experience presenting educational course material at local, regional, and national conferences

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