ASPE Pain Educators of the Year

Paul J. Christo, MD

Dr. Paul Christo is an Associate Professor in the Division of Pain Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He hosts Aches and Gains®, a nationally syndicated SIRIUS XM radio talk show telling compelling stories of people who have found pain relief, sharing cutting edge treatments from contributing experts, and offering ways that people in pain can cope themselves. It has earned him the John and Emma Bonica Public Service Award from the American Pain Society, and he was named a “Hero” by The Pain Community for his work. Dr. Christo was also selected as a Mayday Pain and Society Fellow. He served as Director of the Multidisciplinary Pain Fellowship Program for 8 years and the Blaustein Pain Treatment Center for 5 years at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Christo is an invited lecturer both nationally and internationally, serves on 4 journal editorial boards, has published more than 100 articles and book chapters, coedited 3 textbooks on pain, and actively teaches medical students, residents, and pain fellows. He’s a member of Men’s Health medical advisory board, serving as their first pain specialist. Dr. Christo has directed or coordinated many national conferences focusing on educating both specialists and generalists on important aspects of pain diagnosis and treatment. He serves on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the American Academy of Pain Management. He earned an MBA from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in Health Care Management.

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